Video Shooting

« The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.»

The direction of video production for Mediaceh agency is the key item. Since the beginning of MediaCeh team existing, we paid special attention to video production. A simple sequential change of scenes and plans seemed to us a waste of potential for both operators and editors. Therefore, we make a high quality product that has sense load. As we see it, each shot of the video sequence should be informative and as visually attractive as possible. A single work begins with several extraordinary ideas which are turned into a detailed script, which become a colorful storyboard. Even a small storyline is an interesting story that is created by several filmmakers — screenwriter, artist, cameraman, lighting designer, stage director and takes on a complete, finished look thanks to the editor, colorist, animator, broadcaster and sound engineer.

The concept of “video production” has taken on a new shape. Now it’s the content that is filled with pages on social networks, sites, online stores, video hosting. We are used to suggesting it as a separate branch of art. Therefore, we make an artistically valuable product. Even if it’s an advertisement or an image film. Our studios, as well as workshops of real artists, are equipped with all necessary tools to make an impressive picture. Once having fought stereotypes and pseudo-creativity, we are in constant search for fresh images and concepts, and the shooting area is not just a workplace. This is a creative environment. Our element.

The agency works in the following basic areas:

  • creation of scripts for advertising videos, music videos, short films, promotional videos, author’s vlogs, image videos;
  • production of video advertisement, image and promotional videos;
  • product photography on turning tables;
  • infographics
  • aerial photography;
  • production of music videos and other types of videos;
  • creating content for video hosting and social networks;
  • Web content promotion.