Video Shooting
Rubber Band Minigun | Kickstarter
Collectible toys from «Sweet Box»
The review of mini-tractor John Deer 3045B
The History of John Deer
Hotel “Sontse” Berdiansk
Berdiansk factory of agricultural technic
Mercato coffee
Association «Dorozhniky Poltavshchini»
Revival of Motocross Poltava Open Cup
Ukrainian advertisement of PSM PROFILE
Magnetic board for drawing from Komarov Toys
Construction and agricultural machinery by JCB
Celebration of Ukrainian holiday Ivana Kupala in Kovalivka “Bereg Svobody”
Agrarian drones in Ukraine “Multicopter Ukraine”
Agromat- ceramic tile and sanitary engineering
Squash — the competition in “Sport life”
“SBC” Slobozhanska building ceramics at InterBuildExpo 2019
“The Golden tangerine” at InterBuildExpo 2019
Garage and industrial gates “Kruzik”
Universal trailer technics “Organic TRUCKS”
Promotion video of BVS gas station. Znyzhak | Saleshark bites off prices
“Oskar metal” The factory of steel constructions
Promotional video of “KomarovTOYS”
Bejo Ukraine. Bejo is quality
The promotional video for “Agrotechservis”
Series of video: “Cosmetologist advice Satara”
The promo for door-locks and door hardware “Bronevik”
The recording of kids singing at “Ostrov Records”
The review of present box by Satara
Aerial shooting. Poltava arboretum
The promotional video for “Mistzeva kaviarnia”
The shop of elite alcohol “Vinoteria”
The Neighborhood (CBS) Trailer HD/Ukr | Raionchik
The figure of Geralt “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”
KTM 250 — Test Ride (HILLS & FOREST)
The opening of service center “Agristar” in Liubni
The review of exquisite dishes. “Cape of good hope”
The review of hand watches “Andywatch”
The promotional video for “TEKSIKA” company
Squash is…
BROM LEATHER. Leather goods
Ukrainian promotion video of BVS. Diesel Arktika- fuel for champions
Presentational video on the turning table for online shop “Igroteko”
Advertising video for “Prima Lash”
The video for “Agristar” company
The 4th stage of “Time attack” race
“Let’s make Ukraine better” congratulation on Independence Day
Gasgas TXT PRO
The day of street music in Poltava
The review of soft meccano from “Igroteko”
GOUACHE — Only love will stop time
Anrei Kupko. Cover
Сover Linkin Park — The messenger by WeAre