« Animation is not the art of moving pictures, but the art of pictured movements.»
Norman McLaren

New opportunities in advertising are opened, with the help of animation. You can embody the most daring ideas. Short animated videos always attract more attention, and their characters are well remembered. The method of transmitting information is more dynamic, informative and effective.

Animation in any form is the result of a long and hard work of our animators. This type of video is produced individually and custom-made in order to realize the unusual client’s wishes. Animation can be a part of the video series as one of the scene and provide  more detailed description of product’s properties or can be used for decorative purpose, as a dynamic colorful addition which attracts attention. We also produce separate animated videos that are used for advertising.

Animation production starts with the script writing, characters drawing and storyboards. Each frame matters, as in filmmaking. It must be reasonable and logical, and every small detail  should have a sense load. The animator, using his knowledge and skills, as well as the main tool of his work — a powerful high-performance technique, animates action and its characters. The team of scriptwriters during the script writing gives the characters certain traits of character which are dubbed by the actors of our agency.

The animated object can be anything, what our client want. It can be a logo, a text of the product’s name and a slogan, a character, the product itself or a product, and, most importantly, any item that is difficult or impossible to create in real conditions. Animation is spectacular, animation is a trend.